Now, it may be just me, it’s not though, but does it seem like everyone is procreating like mad? I mean, really, no one has 1 child anymore. It seems odd if they only have 2. Everyone in the world seems to be pregnant. It’s almost bizarre, but I really love it. It’s what life’s all about, right? I think maybe people are getting back to basics, forgetting some of the less important, more superficial things people cared about in the past. Maybe this “Great Recession” will make people understand what life and family is all about. Is it IVF procedures? Is it a suburb thing (though seems like NYC is having a baby boom, too)?

I’m all for it, really. It’s nice to see people with your kids running around. I get pretty psyched when friends say they are having another baby. I love when new people move in and they have young kids, future playmates, for my kids. Not sure what is causing it and I don’t really care. I just love the trend, if you can call it that. Do you notice this where you live? Is this something that seems to be a new-ish phenomenon or just something that maybe I’m noticing now since I have some little ones. To be honest, though, I have mentioned this to many others, and they all seem to be on the same page as me. I guess the 2010 census will shed some more light on what is not just antecdotal evidence.

Keep ’em coming, people. It’s great to see!

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