Wife was sent a package for her site, and it included a tiny box, maybe 1 inch square, of tiny choclate wafer. Pure, 80% cacao chocolate from MarieBelle in NYC. You have to love chocolate, but man this is good. It’s so pungent and pure, bitter but not too bitter. You really feel like you’re tasting chocolate. And the size is perfect too. Thin and small enough so that you aren’t overwhelmed by it’s purity. Really a treat. Plus, the higher % of cacao, the more health benefits there are, so hey…it’s good for you.

There’s a retail store is SoHo at 484 Broome, but you can also order only and wholesale. The store also seems to have a Cacao Bar and Tea Salon. This sounds good to me, certainly unique. The kids, I’m sure, would love it too.

Within our retail spaces, visitors will find our quiet Cacao Bar and Tea Salon. These cozy salons provide the perfect respite from a bustling day, and offer a refined menu of light fare and revitalizing beverages. Here among the antique furnishings and tiny glittering crystal lights, the atmosphere immediately brings to mind the cafes of Paris, Vienna, and Budapest. The aroma of fresh-baked pastries draws you to the little tables where you can enjoy a leisurely cup of espresso or cappuccino. Here you can also choose between American-style or European-style Aztec Hot Chocolate, or order from our list of exotic teas.

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