I know most lists, surveys, etc. are very subjective and don’t typically tell the whole story.  Me being from NY, I’m very partial and have had good experiences with my local children’s hospital, Cohen’s Children’s Medical Center.

The miracles today’s doctors work are truly amazing, it brings a tear to my ears.  Something as routine as dealing with an asthma attack was non-existent not too long ago. About 6 months ago my son had one for the first time…he was whezzing with chest and stomach pains…we went to Winthrop-University Hospital’s ER and they rushed him in.  After some medicines, oxygen, and fluids, he was good to go.  Truly a miracle, and something these men and women work everyday.  While he was there, the doctors and nurses took wonderful care of him…he even had a playroom and planted his own plant at this bed (which is on the window sill as we speak).

They do wonders daily with little fanfare. So kudos and God Bless to all of you out there. Here’s to hopefully never having to experience this greatness yourself.

That being said, here’s a list to take a look at.


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