The eternal question for me is…is it in any way possible to make laundry not such a drudgery?  At first light, I would say…heck no, that is impossible.  This is just a task like most other chores.  It has to get done and that’t he end of it.  Sometimes in life, things should NOT be fun, damnit. Right?  Sometimes hard work is it’s own reward, and all of that.

Well, this is 2011 and I’m a man…so there’s little chance of much of this being true.  So here are some things that seem to work a bit and make it a little less unpleasant.

  1. When you are really not in the mood, do lighter loads.  This helps because there’s just less to put away, period.  Putting the clothes away is the worst part and shortening this drudgery is the way to go.  Even if you split the load in half, put some away, then come back in an hour and do the rest.  The interlude really helps
  2. Do things like whites near the end of the day.  Again, when it’s really bad, do the whites at the end.  Why?  Because if you want to just blow it off, it really doesn’t matter as much if underwear or t-shirts sit there all night, do it?
  3. Play music.  Like most other things, whistling while you work makes a big difference.  My iPad tags along with me from machine to room throughout and sometimes the singing and music makes the time and work pass by faster.
  4. Split it up with others.  Get your spouse and kids involved!  Talking, joking, maybe throwing some clothes around can really be fun.  Sounds bizarre, surely it is.  But there’s certainly something to be said with spending time with the spouse.  And forget the kids, they can be a real trip (warning, this could also be annoying, depending on the moment).  Try having everyone put there own clothes away and make a race out of it.  Humans love competition.
Hope this helps.  I does for me.  Give it a shot and maybe it will make a difference.  At the very least, it would be an excuse to spend more time with the family. Godspeed!
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