I recently started drinking PBR.  In the recent past I was somewhat of any annoying beer snob.  Craft, obscure, heavy, and dark.  If not dark, very hoppy (like IPAs) and nothing less.  After a trip to hot Puuerto Rico where all you can drink is light beer, I grew to appreciate it.  I know can drink Mich Ultra, Bud Light and Heavy, etc.  It’s good, and it serves it’s purpose.  Along those lines, PBR is really a great tasting beer.  Now, I know it’s “ironically” cool for hipsters in places like Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

But I really, truly like this beer.  You just need to give it a shot.  They only make PBR and PBR Light, which I’ve never seen anywhere.  I have also only seen it in cans, and maybe a random hipster bar has it on tap.  I recently hosted and attended parties with a PBR keg.  To top it all off, it’s cheap as anything!  Most bars serve it for $4 or less and with some happy hours I’ve seen $2!!  At the store, it’s about a 12 pack of cans for $6-7 or so.

Really, for the price and the taste, it’s a great, mellow combination.  Very nice, very drinkable.  Don’t be turned off by the price.  A lot of American beer (Shlitz, Schaefer, Rheingold-check out the song) was like this in the past, serving the “working man.”  A thirst quenching beer!  It’s a hit once you give it a chance.

I mean, the can says “Selected as America’s Best in 1893.”  It’s hard to argue with that.

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