Seems like I was wrong.  It’s been 6 years since I became a dad and it still amazes me how time flies by now.  My kids are both going to be in full days next year (2nd and K) and I don’t know what I’ll do with my self.

That being said, I still can’t get over how these kids get sick so often and somehow whatever it is they do contract…it hits me and my wife 10 times harder.  This phenomenon really kicking into hyper drive last year when Liam went to 3yr old preschool and Natalie was in full-day Kindergarten. The sick effect ballooned out of control.

You think it’s just you.  Maybe you have some kind of auto immune deficiency problem.  What could it be?  But then, you realize that every one of your friends have the same issues and the same questions.  That, at the very least, puts your mind at ease.  Somewhat.

I have never had so many issues with my sinus.  I barely knew I had sinuses until last year.  Now, I get these crazy sinus congestion issues all the darn time.  I get these wild head pains that I swear are tumors (God forbid, knock wood).  Fevers…you bet.  Phlegm…I could bottle and sell the stuff. I barely knew what Mucinex (the “D” version, max strength) and pseudoephedrine (and please, get the “real stuff” and show your license…the other stuff is garbage) was…now they’re my best friends. I took so much antibiotic last year it was insane…I try not to take it, but it just wouldn’t go away.

What is this all about?  How do these kids get sick all the time?  I know it’s all about building their immunity, etc.  But, man, I didn’t realize it was only being built until you have kids in school.  Then, you apparently relapse. There’s something “going around” (oh that magical phrase) all the time.  WTF, man???

On top of just plain old colds, these kids seem to keep getting these bizarre illnesses.  Nasty stomach bugs are the best, but the scariest was the high fever/no other symptom bug that went around all last year.  The kids had 104-105 fevers for about 5 days straight…but no other symptoms.  Sure, that’s great for them, but they are pushing hospital admission and all they want to do is play.  It was crazy.  And it spread like wildfire.  Thankfully, Vera and I didn’t seem to get that one quite as severely.

I just pray that by some miracle that this winter is not as bad as last.  So far, it’s been relatively warm, so I think that’s helped December along.  We’ll see come the heart of winter in January and February.

I don’t have all that much faith in this actually coming to fruition, but here’s to hoping.  Bring on the NyQuil baby!  I’m ready.

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