This seems to come up just about every day. I must admit, Vera and I are very lucky.  We really do have good, sweet kids. 90% of the time, they get along quite well and really are nice to each other.  That being said, there are those times when they get in a fighting mood and can’t seem to get out. Vera and I have a ZERO tolerance policy for this. There is no wiggle room after about 30 seconds or a couple rounds of jabs. We just don’t want it to become part of life.

“No, it’s not ok to fight with your brother/sister. You are best friends and you love each other. You are lucky to have each other.” That may be a big part of the way we handle it all…neither of us have siblings. We have no idea what it’s like. We can only imagine.

Admiring, knowingly, through rose colored glasses of lifetime friendships and family picnics. Sure people fight and fall out of touch, but there are more than enough people that stay good friends. People in Garden City all seem to come back to town and have their families very close by. It’s quite heartening to witness, really. It gives us hope, corny enough, that we all will continue to live in Garden City and the kids and grandkids will be a regular fixture in our daily lives.

Vera and I would want nothing less. So, as the days progress, and Liam and Natalie become more and more like mini-adults, we’ll see how it goes.  We’ll play it by ear, but we’ll never relent. They are best friends.

And that’s the way we want it to be.

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