Yes, I know, be quiet Giant fan, we don’t care what you have to say.  It will be ok, Jet fans, it will be ok. I have a couple recommendations for your team so you guys can take the next step and shed your 43 years of frustrations.

1)      Decide whether you can live with Mark Sanchez as your QB and then let him be a NFL QB. This is a pass happy league. A team cannot live with an offense that throws 59 times and gets less than 250 yards. Let Mark figure out how to be a real QB or bring in a vet who can. Let him make his mistakes. Let him air it out. It’s ok to throw a 40 yard go route and get picked every once in awhile. As long as he learns what he can and can’t do, it will be better for everyone in the long run.

2)      If Sanchez is your QB…cut/ trade Holmes, LdT and Plax. Mark needs to be in charge of the offense. Surround him with WR and RBs who know their place and will follow. Holmes has underminded the offense a few times this year, he is a cancer not a captain. I have seen this first hand with Tiki and Shockey…amazing how Eli blossomed once they left. If Sanchez is not, look for a vet to get the team together and be the leader they need, but it is time to choose.

3)      Listen to Brandon Jacobs. Shut up. You haven’t won a thing. Your coach and your team talk like football should bow when they get on the field. Rex is not a great head coach yet, he still needs to learn and mature like the rest of the Jets. Just remember platitudes and clichés are gold in football. Your team’s sound bites should all be in line with: “We are going to play a great team, if we play as well as we know we can and keep it close; we can pull it out at the end.” Talk is cheap, play the game. You have been quite mediocre overall since Rex took over. Be consistent, win, then maybe talk…but just a little and gracefully.

4)      The Jet D is good, not as great as they think themselves to be. The safety and LB groups both have weaknesses and they need to be upgraded. There also needs to be some more grit on the defense. The were punched in the face two weeks ago and were not able to recover.

5)      Get rid of Fireman Ed. Just because.

I will now turn my attention to the Falcons, get my weekly ulcer. I will then proceed to curse out our coordinators and hope Steve Spagnolo comes back as Defensive coordinator/ Head coach in waiting. Enjoy the playoffs!


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