Oy vey…so you convince yourself that you dodge a bullet.  Natalie is on the mend, just about done (maybe a day or 2 more).  You’re 5 days from the fist sighting of the beast.  All is well in Sweeneyville. Then…BAM…Liam’s eyes are dropping puss like hippies drop acid.  Ok, so maybe he just had a little bit when he woke up.  But still!  It has arrived.  His eyes aren’t really bad yet, but the call was placed to the doctor.  He was good…he just sent in the script.  So, it’s off to the pharmacy I do to try and nip this in the bud like we did Natalie.  I hope it’s not too bad.  All that laundry all the time, for naught.

And, oh yeah…Vera’s eyes are looking a little pink today as well. Maybe she didn’t sleep enough. Maybe she’s dehydrated. Maybe her eye veins are just really colorful and I never noticed. Maybe, just maybe…this won’t be a mini-pandemic…back to the loads and the haz-mat suit.

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