You love the iPad.  It’s fantastic.  And the games are great. The kids agree and they are always hounding you to play some type of game on it. I know this isn’t just my kids. We’re always looking for new games for them…and for us. And there are a ton.

That being said, why not take your iPad in a direction you might now have ever seen it going in. Why not meld the jazziness of the iPad with the look, feel, and old-timey good feelings of a board game?

It seems like GameChanger was thinking just that:

GameChanger is the innovative, electronic game board which offers a completely new way to play board games using your iPad. Has your family ever sat around an iPad to play a board game?  Well, now you can, and it’s so easy to use.

Click your iPad into the GameChanger and now you have an interactive game board for a whole new way to play.  Choose your game app and place the game skins on the GameChanger. Put the playing pieces on the board, and the iPad interacts with the 48 pressure fields transforming the GameChanger into a living game board.

Play quizes or engage in fun mini games. Experience an exiting game play with animations, video and sound!

Here’s a video to show you just what it’s all about:

What do you think? I really love the concept and I think this should be really well. I hope to give this a shot one day. God knows we’re always looking for new ways to entertain ourselves.

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