It looks like it’s shaping up to be (now that it’s winter) another sick season. I really did not catch anything up until about 3 weeks ago. But…I can’t seem to shake this sinus infection/headache that I’ve had. It feels like my temples and up are crushing my skull.  I even have a nice, lingering pain in the back of my head. Yes…I’ve asked many a time to many a person if suspect a brain tumor of some sort. Crazy, perhaps, but this is the second time I’ve had this pain. The first being about 6 mos ago…when it appeared I had another killer infection.

It’s odd that there are so many people getting these types of lingering infections…so many. I try to fight it off as many say you should not take too many antibiotics. But, after 2 weeks of annoyance, I think it’s time. I have strong antibiotics, nose spray and Mucinex D (awesome). But still, as my 7 days of pills are consumed, I still feel similar…much better, but still not right. I am debating in my head, and on this blog, if I should call the doctor and get a few more days worth. It did the trick the last time, I must admit.

Really, what the heck is going on? Does anyone else seem to get these type of never ending ailments of late? I know I’m not the only one.  C’mon, lay it on me. Make me feel better. Console me now. Don’t say I’m being a baby because I don’t whine and it determines me from nothing. It just stinks to be off every day for so long!

Any I found this when looking for the headache cartoon…funny…I try to convince myself this acupuncture method works. Sometimes it does, sometimes I just think your focusing that second on the pain in your hand. I guess whatever works.

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