When I was in Detroit/Dearborn the beginning of this week, the first night we were there I had dinner at The Henry Ford museum. The evening was great in every way. One of the best discoveries from the evening was that I go to try 3 beers from a brewery I had never heard of, Bell’s. It was a local place from Michigan. It was nice that they served that along the tried and true mainstream beers. I had to give it a shot.

I enjoyed three very good beers.  I had a stout, but I’m really not sure which one…they brew a huge variety apparently. Another beer I had I thought had the name “amber” in it, but I can’t seem to find it on their site.  Sorry. I’m shocked I didn’t remember then names. I do my best to. I think I thought since I had never heard of them, there would only be one type of beer of each. Man, I was wrong.

The third beer was The Oracle DIPA Ale – “Our take on the West Coast-style Double India Pale Ale, The Oracle places hop intensity first & foremost, making only the slightest concession to malt & balance. The fireworks start with the aromatic punch of dry-hop sessions with hop varieties from the Pacific Northwest. Resinous, citrusy hop flavors mixed with aggressive bitterness from a massive kettle addition deliver on that aromatic promise.”

My favorite by far was the IPA. So crisp, but not overpowering. It was also really unique in the citrus taste. But it was subtle, not like BL Lime. It was smooth and rich, a great beer all year round. Something you can have more than one and not get tired of or really full from. A great beer all around. My mission is to find this gem in a local distributor. We have some good ones around, so I have hope. If you come across this label, I would highly recommend giving it a shot.

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