After going 3-0 in games and 2-1 in point spreads in games I made an effort to pick (I am not going to count Atlanta’s demise), we now look to the Divisional Round of the NFL playoffs. The first round was mostly uneventful except for some QB lighting up the best defense in football…I wish I could remember that player’s name.


There's no agreement this time

Current line: New Orleans  -3.5/47.5

 Saturday, January 14th at 4:30 ET on FOX

Unlike the first round opponent, the New Orleans Saints now face a running/defense team. San Fran and their volatile coach Jim Harbaugh have a running game and maybe the defense (plus outdoors) to counter the high flying, take all risks team that New Orleans fields. I think if the weather is neutral, Then New Orleans will win, any amount of wind, rain, they pendulum swings in San Fran’s favor.

The fun little undercover story in this one is the animosity between the coaches from the preseason game. There was no gentleman’s agreement, a non-returned phone call and crazy blitzes from the Saints. Harbaugh may throw a punch…who knows. states that the weather for the game is 55ish and calm..Pick for now is New Orleans 31-20 (over).

Denver Vs New England

The Legend won the first time...

Current line: New England -13.5/51

Saturday, January 14th at 8:00 ET on CBS

 Denver proved me wrong (I did say they would cover) and I say they can cover again. If they play mistake free and keep the playbook open, they can win. Their defense is pretty good and they can hold the ball. The young QB in Denver who shall not be named will make it exciting, one way or another.The problem the youthful signal caller will run into is Bill Belichik. There is no way they face the same defense as the last time and I am not sure if they can put up the 28+ points needed to keep up with the Pats. The Pats will spot them at least 17 points so the game will be close, but I think the Patriots will have  another shot in the AFC championship game.

New England wins 27 – 20 (Denver and under).

Houston Vs Baltimore

Houston will try to avoid this view

Current line: Baltimore -9/35.5

Sunday, January 15th at 1:00 ET on CBS

Every show that I have watched this week seems to be harping on the idea this game comes down to one player: Joe Flacco. If he is adequate, the Ravens win. I think Baltimore is limited to what Ray Rice can do. If the Texans stop the run and are able to hit Andre Johnson a couple times, this will be an interesting game. The Texans would have been the clear pick with Schaub. TJ Yates…not as  much.

I say Baltimore squeezes a 14-10 win. If Andre Johnson and Arian Foster can break some big gains, the Texans will flip that to 17-14 (Texas and under).



NY Football Giants VS Green Bay Packers

Opening line: Green Bay -9/52.5

Sunday, January 15th at 4:30 ET on FOX

Packers are the champs.” In order to be the man…” They are the favorites till they are knocked off. Everyone is healthy. Another Cliche, hyperbole, etc.

For all of the above reasons, plus the fact that I can’t see Eli and company to ever go into Green Bay and win a playoff game in the frozen tundra of Lambeau …never can happen. 2007? Oh yeah…

I am picking the Packers and the over.



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