Perhaps I should have named this blog that instead.  Let’s see here…

  1. Taking care of the kids is a job. Check.
  2. Taking care of kids that are not in school all day long is even more of a job. Check.
  3. Trying to get your work done for you and your wife’s business “in between” is really killer. Check.
  4. Sprinkle in all the home chores and you’re all over the place. Checkmate.

The best part of it all, you’re moving and grooving, and getting isht done.  And, without fail, the very second you REALLY get into the groove of one thing, you have to up and do another. Damn!

It makes you want to:

You try to cut it as close as possible. Ok, just a few more emails.  Maybe I can take this call? Just let me get this post up…just this one. I have to get this up before 11AM, I just have to!!!!!!! Then, if you’re like me at all, you run up the stairs and put your outside clothes one (meaning not a white T and shorts). Rush to get into the car. Hope to hit the lights and have no accidents. Just pull into (insert destination with child here).

Then, you try to multitask.  Take someone to baseball, have a conference call. Nice one. Cell phone, noisy gym, 8 4 year old boys playing baseball. Nicely done. Perhaps as you are running to pick up one kid, send out a few emails on the old Droid phone?

“How was school…yeah, ok, oh, what…no daddy’s listening…no, I’m not ON my phone, I’m just checking to see where we’re going to get lunch…hey, is that Batman?”

It frazzles you. It makes you manic. It tests every inch of your person. Time management is such a novel, textbook-like concept.

So what, if you have shooting pains in the back of your head and you’re basically always on some sort of edge? You would think I would be LOSING weight.

It can’t all be bad, though, can it? You’re home, you’re doing something good for your kids. You’re working a job you like for yourself and your family. You get to see the kids and be very flexible in your day. You develop ninja-like senses to be able to handle it all.

I doubt you can ever, really, be perfect at this. There is just too much to master with too many fluid and outside variables. I guess it’s just something you try to do your best at.

And I wouldn’t change a thing.

Well, maybe if I could somehow split myself in two, or even one and a half. Maybe not be in such a rush all the…

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