T.G.I.F.!  Have you had a tough week, perhaps this will help a bit??  (Don’t ask…I’m not a drinking game guy…but this just seemed right.)

Beer Checkers

You need: A checker board, checkers (optional), 24 small glasses (shot glasses are perfect), and 2 people

To distinguish between whose pieces are whose, use different shot glasses or different types of beer that appear slightly different in color. If you can’t accomplish this, put red checkers under each shot glass of one opponent and black checkers under the shot glasses of the other opponent. Fill the shot glasses with beer and set the board up as you would for a regular game of checkers only using the filled shot glasses. The play of the game is the same as in checkers. However, when your shot glass is jumped, you must drink the contents. The losing player then also has to drink the remaining shots on the board.

Source: AMOG

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