I guess it’s true…when times are tough…boozin’ goes up. I do like how US wines are making more of an inroads in Europe. We make a ton of good ones from all over the country…CA, WA, OR, NY and more! About time we gain more respect!

U.S. wine exports were up 23% to $1.28 billion year-on-year through the first 11 months of 2011, eclipsing in just 11 months the $1.1 billion export total for all of 2010, according to the Wine Institute. Including December’s numbers, which aren’t finalized, the Wine Institute expects 2011 U.S. wine exports to surpass $1.3 billion. Shipment volume was up 6% last year through November. California wines accounted for around 90% of shipments.

European Union imports of U.S. wines—accounting for 35% of the total—reached $448 million on a 10% jump through November. Other top markets during the period included Canada ($347 million), Hong Kong ($146 million), Japan ($97 million) and China ($55 million). California now holds a 4% share of the world export market, the Wine Institute added.

Source: Shanken News Daily

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