Is it me? Is it just my kids? Am I just insane? Or does it seem like each and every day is the first time your kids have ever lived a day before…at least when it comes to things like getting ready for school or cleaning things up.

I mean, it’s the same story every morning. Does this sound about right?

Kids wake up and try to sneak into the living room to watch TV. I get up and start getting breakfast and their lunch ready. Once it’s ready, I tell them to sit down. They ignore me, in a trance. I say “turn it off, time for breakfast.” After 3 times, I get angry and then they look at me, dazed and puzzled, as if to say “what do I do with said breakfast, and why do I need to do it right now?” I then have to remind them that we have to get ready and go to school. Again. As usual. There’s a meek and faded sense of acknowledgment at that point. We then have to actually have them accept the food that is given to them (“daddy, I wanted X”/”daddy, I don’t like Y”). Then we have to have them eat, without spilling it all over and without annoying the crap our of each other in the process. Once that is done, it’s vitamin time…a good time since it’s all like candy (gummy, goodness I must say). Then, it’s time to wash up. Inevitably at this point, there’s whining and the questions of “why do I have to wash up?” and “do I have to wash up right now?” Again, I remind…school. After that (yes, you do have to wash your hands, your face, and brush your teeth) is completed, we have to dress them. This is a process, usually with my daughter who has to wear frilly, swirly dresses even when it’s snowing outside. Throughout the process I keep reminding them that we have to hurry or we’ll be late. Late? Late for what? We have to be somewhere, and at a certain time? Really?

It’s remarkable, it’s constant, and it’s something I cherish being able to do each morning. I know it will end soon, so despite the madness and fits of rage, I do try to enjoy every minute of it…right down to the piggy back walks to school and the kisses good bye. These are good times. Fleeting and good.

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