Two time, Two Time MVP


The sequel ended up being almost like an exact copy of the first game. Too much time for Eli.  There was another “the Catch”. There was just enough time for Brady to make me lose a couple years off the end of my life by chucking it up and coming too close to breaking the game in the opposite direction.

Three stars of the game (Hockey style)

Third Star – Steve Weatherford….He went to the (F^&%ing) Superbowl and proved the worth of punters. He pinned the Pats deep and the field position helped the Giants D be effective.





Second Star –  Justin Tuck – led the defense in the tradition of Carson and Strahan. He is a rock on that line and will go down in the same breath as the aforementioned in Giant D lore





First Star – Eli Manning – Nothing left to say but Eli-te






Under the radar plays: Webster’s hit on branch to get the ball back.  JPP knocking down a 3rd down pass to force a fg.

Games like this, seasons like this, make all the other previous debacles bearable. Without the Philly Meltdown last year when we had Dodge kick it and an entire stadium screamed NO at the same time, we would not have went out and obtained Weatherford. This is the same punter who was ‘terrible’ for the Jets. He was clutch all year for the Giants.


Without the awful losses to the Redskins and Seahawks, the team wouldn’t have come together at the right time and had the ”us vs. the world” mentality and go out and vanquish the Ryan brothers and then handle the 4 of the top teams in football in a row.

It is also fun to see Boston combust in the wake of the Moynihan/Vinatieri curse with Gisele cursing out the WRs and Gronk looking 100% on the dance floor. The Jets will need to spend some money on curtains now. They need one long enough to cover an NFC Championship and another Lombardi Trophy.

Best moment of the post game, Coach and Flav sharing a moment

I am grateful for this surprise of a title and I promise I won’t get mad at Gilbride or Fewell for at least the first 8 games.

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