This is pretty exciting. I had the honor of interviewing the great New Orleans Saints Quarterback, Drew Brees.  Here’s what we spoke about. he seems as nice and down-to-earth as one would imagine!

Q1. Does your family realize what a superstar you’ve become…or are you still the same old dad and husband?

I’ve known Brittany since college, so to her I think I’m still the same old Drew. We’ve been through so much together – on and off the field – that we share all the accomplishments together.  As for the kids, Baylen was born just before the Super Bowl in 2009 and Bowen shortly after. So to them, I’m just dad.  

Q2. You were always good, but now it’s safe to say you’re great.  How could you make such a leap when you are already performing at such a high level already?

I have to give all the credit to my coaches, teammates and my practice routine. There are always things you can do better and work on. Quarterback coach Joe Lombardi and our staff are great at identifying the small, fundamental things that make a huge difference.

Q3. You have what many would consider a great life and career. What do people not know about being an NFL QB that would perhaps let people know it’s not all roses all the time?

I think people tend to overlook the amount of time and dedication needed to play the quarterback position. The quarterback is the first person in each day and last person out. They need to know their role, and the roles of everyone around them. Also, the quarterback  has a huge responsibility to influence everyone around them in a positive way and make them better.

Q4. What was your greatest professional experience to date…being drafted, surpassing Dan Marino’s record, Super Bowl MVP, or winning the Super Bowl and why?

Wow, that’s tough. I think every football player dreams of winning the Super Bowl and that was the greatest professional moment for me. It’s the ultimate prize in sports. What makes it so special is in that moment, all you can think about are the people who helped you get to that point. It was an indescribable feeling to share that moment with my family, team, and the people of New Orleans.

Q5. How do you balance being a father and husband with being a superstar athlete and your charitable endeavors?

You have to be able to prioritize. I love my job and work hard at it, but I never forget that I’m a father to a loving family I cherish more than anything. I also have a great support system in my wife, family and friends, which I think is very important.   

Q6. How did you get involved in the UN’s Horn of Africa hunger relief efforts?

After witnessing the food shortages in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, I saw the effects of this issue first-hand. As a parent, I can’t imagine what it must feel like for parents that watch their children suffer from hunger each day. I feel starvation is not something we as people should be dealing with in this day and age.

Q7. You’ve done so much and have had so much success, what is left for you?  What gets you going in the morning, both personally and professionally?

There’s always work to be done. I look forward to going to practice every day and making myself a better player. I also have two children at home, and one on the way, who make me look forward to each day and feel more successful than anything else I do.

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