I know Vera recently wrote about the Nespresso Pixie coffee maker, but I just have to share my $0.02 with you since I am the only one in the house actually using and enjoying it.

It’s awesome. Plain and simple.

If you like espresso, cappucino, lattes, etc. but also love the convenience of only making a cup at a time, then this truly is the machine for you. It’s great. True, rich espresso (crema and all) in minutes, literally. Just turn it on, wait maybe a minute for the water to heat, pop in a pod, and boo yiggity yah, espresso.

If that wasn’t great enough, the Aeroccino Plus is a God-send. You just pour in the milk hit a button, and 60 seconds or so later, you have warm (or cold) truly frothy and rich foam to make your cappucinos, etc. (Something I have grown to love more and more since our Italy trip).


There’s even about 16 or so different expressos (heavy, light, etc) you can try out.

It’s really awesome, and it’s small to boot.  Looks pretty cool, too (we have the orange one).

I highly recommend giving this machine a “shot.” Oh snap, snuck that one in there, didn’t I?

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