Well, the spring has sprung and NY has had some interesting weather. We’ve gone for summer-like weather to very rainy weather almost on a weekly basis, with each passing day being something new. It’s times like this where I ask myself…perhaps those San Diego people are not so crazy after all. That being said, today is quite rainy, I mean really rainy…what to do with the kids?  Natalie is taken care of with school until 3 then some after school activities.  But today is Liam’s “slow” day…no music, sports, or extended day at school.  As I try to catch up on work and life, I sometimes find myself just letting him play the DS or the iPad.  He LOVES it, but is that bad? Sometimes I feel guilty and I try to play with him as much as possible (ball, LEGO, beyblades, puzzles), but sometimes I just can’t do it. There is work to be done, you know? And he’s pretty good, sure he asks me to do this and that, but he seems to get it. I guess maybe because he’s pretty lucky in that mom and dad are home a lot with him.

How do you handle that?  Isn’t it just ok to let them veg out on a rainy day and play some kiddie video games?

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