Wow, it’s hot. I mean, it is uncomfortably-crankily-Hell has come to visit us-hot. It’s the third day of the heat wave and I am all about the indoors right now. Hooray for central air conditioning…how did I live 30 years without you, my love.

Yes, I love the long days, the shorts and flip flops, the pool and beach. Yes, I love that people are a bit more laid back and there are a lot more get togethers. Yes, yes, I love all of that. I just am not a big fan of this heat. This high, so very high heat. This so very high heat that lasts for days on end when it’s over 80 degrees in the middle of the night!! I would take a 30 degree day over an 80 degree day most of the time.

Recap: I’m not really a fan of heat at all.

I’ve gone to the pool with the kids and it’s awesome, it’s a paradise really, but they would be there for 8 hours a day if we let them…I can not. We will get to the beach a few times, and maybe go on a trip with a beach. That’s nice, that’s vacation, that works.

But, how is that the kids just do not feel the heat? They could run and play all day long like it’s actually nice weather out, and not bat an eyelash. There’s no whining, they don’t even want the water I’m forcing down their throat. Take a break under an umbrella…you must be joking. Hey, do you want to go home now…day, are you kidding? God bless their oblivious little hearts. I always say I wish I was more oblivious to the goings on around me. Life would be mush easier, no? Me, I’m an old Yenta whining about how it’s so hot while I’m fanning myself with my hand. Oh yeah, like that works, dopey.

What do you do when it’s too hot out?  Do you like the heat? Pool, beach, A/C? Or are you more like me?

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