For all the Batman fans out there, we had the distinct pleasure to host a Batman Power Attack themed Party! The party gave us the chance to experience Mattel’s Batman Power Attack toy line of action figures and accessories – all of which brings the fun of Batman to a younger fan base with lighter, cartoon-like characters.

The boys went nuts…they were good with just the massive Batman balloons, table cloth and cups/plates. Then the toys came out…and the crowd went wild! They had such a great time. They even go to watch some really awesome Batman cartoons while enjoying their new toys (and pizza and cupcakes)! It was like Christmas, baby. Here are some highlights of the festivities (and don’t think I didn’t get in on the action playing with these awesome new toys):

Pure bliss!

You can have some of the fun at home…Batman Mask to download a Batman mask of your own!!

This fresh new line is a really cool take on the classic super hero. They have a lot of cool weapons and body armor, to go with power moves like punching and weapon swinging. The Batmobile looks like a tank, with attachments and a spring-loaded battering ram. These were Liam’s favorites:

We had the very good fortune of being to see and play with all of these new goodies:

  • BATMAN POWER ATTACK™ Basic Figures– Batman never shies away from a mission and always possesses courage and strength even in the most perilous situations. With the six-inch Power Attack figures, kids can create their own adventures.
  • BATMAN POWER ATTACK™ Deluxe Figures -Kids can play out action-packed Batmanstories with thesehighly articulated posable figures. Each character has a signature action move, giving kids the ability to keep villains at bay.
  • BATMAN POWER ATTACK™ TOTAL DESTRUCTION™ BATMOBILE – The Power Attack BATMOBILE allows kids to play out exciting chase scenes with their favorite six-inch characters cruising in full-security around the streets of Gotham City.
Here are some more pics from the party!

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