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Toys are great. Cars are better. But how about a really cool looking car that also teaches your kids how the car actually works?

Worx Toys was started by three fathers who had an idea for a revolutionary new type of toy that combines stimulating the natural sense of curiosity in children, focusing on ages 6 to 9, with discovering how things work and learning in a fun way. Their sons, like many other boys, loves to ponder about how thing work, often gazing quizzically into toys and asking a lot of questions.

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So how did they respond to this episode of discovery and learning? Naturally, they started a toy company! The child is the inspiration for Worx Toys – the original Curious Mind! A child’s world is filled with curiosity. A question often on their mind is “How does that work?” Worx Toys inspire the curious child to discover and learn all about “how things work.”

I also really like that each Worx Toy is accompanied by an interactive storybook that takes the child through how each of the major parts inside the toy works in real life by showing them with animated lights and sound and corresponding codes. You punch in the codes on the toy and the different parts make noise and light up, all as you read the book!

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We were able to try out the Speedster race car…and Liam loved it. He actually loved it before he knew about the different codes to light up the parts and before he saw the book. It was a big hit on a number of levels. It’s a great idea…it’s always a great idea to make things fun while educational as well. I’ll definitely be looking into getting more of these for my kids.

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