Happy 2013 Tired Man

Christmas 2012 and New Year’s 2013 has obviously come and gone.  Oh, you didn’t know?  I ruined the surprise…well, I apologize.  Perhaps you didn’t know that we have little boxes with numbers that you can talk into and carry around in your pocket. But I digress…

It was an interesting month or so at the Sweeney homestead, filled with family fun as well as health-related bumps in the road. Thank God, though, things seem to be settling down and perhaps getting back to normal. It’s always tough to have family issues. It’s more difficult to have issues with more than one family member. And it’s just that more difficult when it all hits you right around what is supposed to be the most festive and fun time of the year. You make the most of it. You pick yourself up and you get through it. You think about the good things about your life and the time of year. It’s Christmas and you have a great family…and that’s what gets you through.

Everyone handles situations differently, but my advice to you is to always think of the good, no matter how tough that may be to recognize sometimes. There’s always something you can focus on to get your through the rough patches, and God willing you get out of the other end doing ok. Completely unscathed…then you count your blessings…but just getting through is not too bad either.

Try your best to be your best and to think about the best parts of your life. You do yourself and everyone around you a great disservice if you do otherwise. Yes, perhaps that is corny and you may very well be rolling your eyes…that’s cool, I get it. I’m good with corny…corny and I are buddies…we hang.  With each passing year I realize that “corny” in today’s world is actually pretty damn great. Corny is what makes life worth living.

I wish you and yours a very happy, healthy, prosperous, and blessed 2013. Here’s to a good life…

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