You know you at least like Stella. Yes, it’s becoming a bit played out as it becomes a staple at the tap replacing Budweiser. Sure, Brits call is the “wife beater” because it looks light, drinks smooth, but has 5.2% ABV, a bit higher than your typical light brew. This is much more dry, and that’s what makes it great…it’s not cloyingly sweet like most ciders on the market. You can actually drink more than one without needing to switch to beer.

New Stella Artois Cidre is a crisp and refreshing European-style cider made from hand-picked apples. The taste of red apple and peachy, apricot accents complement the subtle flavor of orange, giving it a refreshing taste with a pleasing wood finish.

Please enjoy Stella Artois Cidre poured into a white wine glass and pair with a semi-hard cheese like manchego, a Waldorf salad or fresh Belgian endives. 4.5% ABV – Naturally Gluten Free, 170 calories, 21 carbs

Get ready…this is going to be a crowd pleaser…


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