Click & Style

I am generally more of a razor blade kind of guy, but I wanted to give the NEW Philips Norelco Click & Style a shot. The 100% waterproof technology was a selling point from the start…I do not like to shave my face dry. It bills itself as a complete all-in-one system equipped with three attachments that are easy to click on and off for shaving, styling and grooming. I’ll tell you what, it really is.

There are 3 attachments, I would call them heads, to the machine, and they are very easy to change around and replace. The “click-on, click-off technology” is seamless in letting you clean your stubble as well as your pompadour. The Two-headed shaver with ComfortCut blades really offers a close, tight shave that’s comfortable and nick-free.  This is great since I’ve been known to cut a few chins in my time when I’m in a rush. No toilet paper here, folks. The Beard styler attachment worked as well, though I don’t wear a beard nor can I grow a particularly robust one. It offers 5 lengths so you can have cooly disheveled stubble or a neatly trimmed lumberjack/hipster beard.  The Bodygroom shaver worked well for a nice shape-up…shave or trim on all areas below the neck.

Another issue with me would be that the thing is electric and not just a slab of metal affixed to a plastic handle. Well, the Click & Style fully charges in 1 hour for 40 minutes of cordless use, but also has a 10-minute quick charge for 10 minutes of cordless use…so it’s really pretty much always ready to use. Even when you are derelict in your recharge duties.

I’m very impressed with this and will most certainly be making this a part of my “man-tenance” routine.

It’s available Target, Rite Aid,, Best Buy, and  with a Suggested Retail Price of $69.99. Not bad for a little bit of pampering.

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