My kids are growing up. As with most people, way too fast for my simple tastes. I would prefer it to be “G” rated for much longer. We have moved firmly into “PG” and they are really pushing for as much “PG-13” as humanly possible.. I will try to block all of that with every last string of energy and effort in my downtrodden and beaten being. I will not go down easily, people, I will not.

They are now so much into “advanced, less babyish” cartoons or these “tween” shows were all the kids are nasty or snarky and think they are 24 years old. We don’t let them watch TV all that much, but it’s not like we make it kryptonite for them, either. As part of the move to “big kidville”, we now experience and deal with all of those awesome commercials during the shows. Oh, my..the true wonder and grace of Nick, Jr. Oh how I miss you so. I guess I still have Caleb, though he watches ZERO TV (nothing like not having any break whatsoever). I digress…

I get it. They are going to see their friends have things. They are going to see ads, commercials, etc. Of course, it’s part of life. But…anyone know what I’m talking about here?

Scenario: “Mom, dad…did you know that you can [insert nonsensical action/purpose/activity of product here] with the [product]?? Isn’t that cool? [Insert catch phrase/tag line]! Mom, dad…can you get me that for my birthday (which could very well be 364 days away at this point)?

What Dad Said: We could go one of two directions at this critical juncture, depending on the day and mood of said father: “Sure, [insert child’s name], I think that’s great idea. I can’t wait to get it!” OR “Ok, we’ll see. We do have a lot of things to do and play with, don’t we [insert child’s name]?”

What Dad Meant: “Are you kidding me? You have more stuff that many third world countries combined. My house looks like Toys R Us on Christmas Eve much of the time. You don’t even KNOW 3/4 of the toys you actually have in your possession at this very moment! Would you like to get a job, perhaps? Seriously, do you have to remember every line of the commercial? And what is that anyway? Don’t you have that already? I feel like stabbing my temple with a pink children’s safety scissor.”

Or is that just me?

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