Went to back-to-school night last night. First time they were in the same school at the same time (schools are K-1, 2-5, 6-8, 9-12). We had to split the agenda, with Vera going to Natalie’s class in 4th grade and me going to Liam’s in 2nd.

It’s always a good time because you see everyone there. No kids come, so it’s time to actually catch up with people. You meet the music, art, and PE teachers. You see the science lab and the gym. You check out the auditorium and contemplate buying some Garden City gear to support the PTA and other programs. They has a sweet Vineyard Vines GC cap…but I am not a hat guy.

You meet the teacher, they talk about the year, homework, all that you would expect. You sign up to help out with parties and field trips (cut throat, MMA like event here). There’s always art on the walls inside and outside the classroom. Liam was very creative this year.

If you know Liam, you know he plays a lot, but would likely rather play Minecraft than football. He’s playing a lot more, I guess as he grows, but still. So this is what he chose for this name game:


You have to laugh…he played lacrossse for about 4 weeks, maybe. He’s never watched a hockey or baseball game for more than 5 min a clip, and he’s been to 1 Mets and no hockey games. We are planning on changing that, for sure, but you just have to love the creative minds of children.

Then, we have the letter he wrote. Great little letter with pics and everything. Here it is:


The blue bubble was my response. But my favorite part was his closing and signature. Sure, he could have said “Love, Liam” or “Bye, Liam” or something you would think a 7 year old would do. No, he went all proper-like and signed it “You Son, William Sweeney.” LOL..what, no “R.” middle initial. I mean, is it just me, or is this pretty funny?


Perhaps I need to bit more professional in the house? “Dear Mr. Sweeney, would thee please partake in a joyous scenario of washing your person in the shower and/or bathtub unit within our housing space?”

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