Celeb ER 9-23-14 Collage

As anyone with kids knows, there are a lot of good moments, and bad moments. Good days and bad. You hope and pray each night that your kids are healthy and happy, at least I do. Most of the time, thank God, we’ve been lucky…and they are healthy and generally (depending on the day) happy kids. It’s a treat to have them around and it’s something to really savor as the days and weeks speed by ever so quickly. There’s nothing you can do to stop it, just try and latch on and enjoy as much as you can.

Then you have those scary moments every so often. I had to take Caleb to the ER the other night at 3AM because his cold turned into really heavy, labored breathing and wheezing. Thank goodness there’s a good hospital 5 minutes away, but that 5 minutes and the ensuing 9 hours at the ER felt like an eternity. From the tests, to the X-rays, to the nebulizer treatments, to the gown, the the blood oxygen level monitor on this little toe. It’s not something I wish on anyone, but thank God it all worked out. And Caleb, though antsy at times, we such a good boy, really. Him and his smile was the hit of the ER! Plus, added “bonus”, I finally watched Disney’s Frozen…albeit about 6 times. The docs were on top of everything, and I able to get home just in time to coach Liam’s soccer game…a very welcome diversion.

Caleb is perfectly fine today, as we keep with the treatments and meds a bit longer. But, man, those 9 little hours really makes you appreciate and savor those good hours just a little bit more, no? Give a little extra hug and kiss to your little ones (or big ones) next time you see them.

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