October 2014 Medical Collage

This has been some month. I don’t want to see another thermometer or blood pressure machine for  long time. Let’s see:

  1. Caleb was in the ER for a respiratory issue where he couldn’t breathe very well. That a 10 hours of fun. Now he’s on daily nebulizer medicine to make sure it doesn’t flare up again (Liam has this from 3-5 yrs old).
  2. I got a really nasty sinus infection that’s lasted over a month and I’m now on steroids b/c my chest hurts when I breathe.
  3. Natalie sprained her knee doing gymnastics.
  4. Liam was in the ER with acute perforated (read leaking) appendicitis (meds still being taken, surgery to come).
  5. Vera thinks she has a sulfate/sulfite allergy which would be a MAJOR change to her diet. Tests to come next week

It’s rough seeing your family with even the slightest problem, but having to hit the ER twice really puts things into perspective. Even seeing Natalie limp around in pain is no fun (at least she didn’t break her foot again like last Thanksgiving). You just continually have to hope and pray for the best. You try to remember these issues when you get angry when they throw their socks on the floor, though it oftentimes doesn’t translate. You have to catch yourself and try your best, no matter how difficult at the time (believe me, I know full well how tough it can be), to try to remember to not sweat the small stuff quite as much. Yes, it’s important, but it’s not the end of the world. Being in the ER, at least, makes you realize it. Even if it’s for a much shorter time than you should. Thank God we all seem to be ok.

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