This was a pretty busy week for sure. Let’s see, we have the kids going horseback riding for the Girl Scouts…and wanting to ride every day from now until eternity…sure, that’s not too expensive, no problem kids. We have Natalie taking up soccer again for the first time since Kindergarten…she was pretty good! The boys hanging, Vera and I from our wedding day – 11/17/01, Natalie joining and falling in love with the church choir, and some pics for the little bit himself…always a good time. Have a good weekend!

Fav Fam Pics 4 11-21-14 Collage Fav Fam Pics 3 11-21-14 Collage Fav Fam Pics 2 11-21-14 Collage Fav Fam Pics 1 11-2-14 Collage

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