I have a tough time calming down lately.  I was never a Zen maser, but I seem to be more and more high-strung these days. I’m pulled in a lot of directions…all the businesses, the kids, the house, the errands, family issues. All of it sometimes puts me in a bad mood. There never seems to be enough time in the day. if I o something at the kids’ school, that makes the work pile up. If I try to get stuff done around the house, then Caleb is solo and the work piles up. If I try to crank out work, you know, not at 9PM, then all else falls. Groceries don’t get bought, laundry not done, bank run not made. Work becomes reactive and not proactive. This site falls first and foremost it seems. The list of things to do just grows and grows. When this happens, the smallest thing will set me off. I know it’s not good for anyone. Am I crazy? Do I need some good ol’ meds? There’s just too much to take care of, but I have to deal with it. Most of the time, I try my best…but maybe sometimes your best just doesn’t cut it all the time…

What should I do to deal with it? How do you all do it?

Do I look like ok? Why does Tuesday end with a Y????

Bill Stressed Collage


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