Fav Pins 12-4-14 Collage

My top Pinterest pics of this week. Lots of good stuff as always.

  1. NYC looks good most of the time…but snow and Christmas…not too shabby.
  2. This tiny storybook church doesn’t look real.
  3. Sure, it’s busy and touristy, but there’s a reason…Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree.
  4. Ten outstanding forts for the kids.
  5. Dude!  This is sick…a foldable slide for your stairs! Is this real??
  6. This is a pretty nice BellField coat. Have to check this brand out.
  7. Pretty interesting…an actual tie innovation…Coachella Men’s ties Border Polka Dot Spots Necktie
  8. Penelope Cruz Campari 2013
  9. Now, if this didn’t get their attention

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