Well, it’s been about 2 months since Liam was in the hospital for those 5 days with the leaking, infected, abscessed appendix. He’s been perfectly fine, no problems thank God. Tomorrow he goes in to get the appendix out. We weren’t sure what to do, whether to go ahead with it or not. The chance of bad things happening again are somewhat low, but at the same time his pediatrician didn’t want to give him his flu shot to avoid stirring up any possible infection. So, that being the last straw, we decided we can’t go through life worrying all the time. The procedure is supposed to be as easy as it gets…he’s healthy, it’s laparoscopic, and he should be home by dinner if all goes as planned.

That doesn’t make you nervous as all get out as your 7 year old is going to be knocked out and having body parts removed.

So, we wait. It’s a long day today. Tomorrow at 10AM can’t come and go soon enough. Some positive thoughts and prayers would be appreciated. Here’s to hoping it’s as smooth as they think it will be. I guess then we won’t have to worry about it ever again. Nobody needs their dopey appendix anyway…darn it.

Liam Hospital Collage

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