This morning was a good one. Vera was home from her trip, Liam and Natalie were happy to go to school for various reasons, and my boy Caleb was in a good mood as always. He’s a really happy, fun little boy. He’s really great to be around. It makes you appreciate your life and blessings, as well as life in a more general sense. I have it pretty good and I know it, though I tend to forget in the normal stresses of the day-to-day. To just sit back and appreciate things is something I really would like to do just a little bit more of. This morning, for a little bit, I did just that. I hung with my boy on the bed, just relaxing (as much as he can) and enjoying each other. It was the best…and here’s the photo shoot from the whole thing…he’s really picking things up super quick now. It’s really interesting and impressive to see.

He’s such a copy cat…

Caleb Copy Cat Collage 12-18-14

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