Winter got you down? Feeling a little, ahem, blue? As I sit here looking out my window, seeing lots and lots of white all around (oh look a cardinal…I love cardinals…why is he up here…is he a stupid cardinal?), I get to wanting to hunker down in the house and tuck into some fine, fine suds. Do you feel the same way? Oh you do, well, then… it’s about time to start picking yourself up by the bootstraps young man (and woman) and get thee to the beer distributor!! Stat!

Blue Point Mosaic Collage

We had a small party recently, so I picked up the Blue Point Mosaic Session IPA and was very pleased indeed. You know I love to local, Long Island stuff…and this did not disappoint. Great flavor, very smooth for an IPA, very unique. 4.8% APV is not bad either, so you can enjoy a few of these and have all of your faculties very well in tact. It’s a solid beer from a good brewery. Unlike many brews it seems today…this baby is good to go all year round. Feel the session, be the session. Drink local, save a tree (or something).

Blue Moon Peach Ale Collage

The other tasty treat was brought to the event, and good thing…I likely would never have purchases this on my own. I don’t hate Blue Moon, I just don’t think of it as a go to.  I will say, though, they are becoming very interesting in the beers they come out with now. And I do like the seasonal offerings, it does keep it interesting. The Blue Moon First Peach Ale was actually a tremendously pleasant surprise. It’s very smooth, and pretty light, though is really pretty flavorful The 2015 “early season release” seaonsal collection offering if just that…it’s supposed to be a bridge between winter and spring. You have the spice backend of the coriander but the peachiness upfront that makes this brew unique. Unique in a very good way. The peach really is perfect, as it does not coat the tongue or overpower the beer, making it too fruity. It’s just about right and a great surprise. You’d be shocked that this baby packs some 5.8% APV heat. Enjoy…and be careful.

So there are two brews that will get you through this, seemingly endlessly snowy, February not just with bells on, but with the whole darn brass section, baby. The two actually go very well together, meaning knock back a couple of the Blue Point, then top it off with the Blue Moon. You can thank me later.

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Enjoy the fine tap creations of the Blue Point folks and cool visual stylings of the Blue Moon people…and pick yourself up! Life is beautiful.

Blue Point Mosaic Blue Moon Peach  Collage

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