There are a lot of things that humans in civilized society need to find out about as they grow up. Not much is really innate, it’s mostly learned. How to speak, how to act, how to sit, how not to talk, etc. You know what I mean. Some of us are better at these things than others are, right? It depends on where you live, how your family is, and how you are as a person in general.  But I would be the world over…there are things that are really cute and funny when you are a baby or even a kid (depends on the age and the kid or course), but not so much when you are an adult. In fact, you’d probably be looked at like a total skell and loser. I figured I’d do a little compare and contrast here for your reading and/or viewing pleasure.

1) Burping and Farting.  I think this pretty much says all you need to know. Here is some footage of a kid farting:

Babies Scared of Farts


See what I’m saying…cute, funny, LOL, even endearing. Yes? Now how about some adults.

Mom Farts In Son’s Room


Now, how did that grab you/ It’s all about context and some big, chubby cheeks and round innocent eyes, no? It’s fascinating.

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