You and I know very well that there are days, and more than a few, where you just get to crazed and frustrated with your children’s behavior that you literally do not know what to do with your self. You try yoga, meditation, praying to God, booze..nothing seems to quench the rage you are feeling. It’s maddening, it’s insanity, it’s near-stroke inducing. You cope as best you can and try to look on the bright side. You know that they are young and aren’t going to be forever, but that doesn’t help the hear and now.

Then, thankfully like some miracle, so have a great day, the kids are happy and fun, they are playing with each other nicely and showing love toward each other. The birds begin to sing, the clouds part and rainbows appear. Is that a pixie riding a unicorn? It may very well be. Then, on those days, you realize that you have it pretty good and that things could be a whole lot worse. That maybe you expect too much and can’t accept their childishness the way you should. You realize that these are your babies, and they always will be. And that you are better off and your life it better overall despite the ups and downs. Ups and downs are part of life, and it’s something that makes it unique, interesting, and human. You know that God is looking down at you and laughing a lot, but giving you a lot, too. You appreciate the good much more when you have the bad to compare it to. I know it’s tough sometimes…oh I know…but try your best to “let it go” and see what you really have.

Things could be worse, but life is pretty darn special if you let it be.

Dave and Busters 2015

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