Fall Date Night Ideas for Couples Graphic

My favorite season is quickly approaching; the one that brings that crisp air that almost makes you think of falling leaves, lots of color, pumpkins and apple picking. The season that brings on the smell of wood fires being lit at end of day. Fall is a great season to get out and enjoy the company of your loved one.

You can take advantage of the cooler evenings by curling up together while you stargaze or do some of the other Fall date night ideas for couples we will be sharing today:

  • Have a s’mores date night over campfire
  • Host a dinner for two on the back deck
  • Take a stroll in your local apple orchard
  • Visit a pumpkin patch
  • Host a wine tasting event in your home
  • Curl up to a movie on Netflix
  • Take a stroll through the neighborhood
  • Go leaf peeping
  • Go sightseeing on a horse drawn carriage
  • Learn to paint pottery together
  • Paint the house a new color
  • Decorate the home for Fall theme together
  • Go out on a dinner cruise on your local lake
  • Stargaze in your backyard curled up in blankets together
  • Visit a local Farmer’s market before they close down
  • Learn some local history and check out those locations
  • Take part in a photo shoot to capture loving memories
  • Make a wish at a local coin wishing fountain
  • Hold hands on a long walk, never let go from holding hands
  • Take a hot air balloon ride
  • Go zip lining
  • Rent a cabin up in the mountains away from the real world
  • Detach from everyone and hide away inside for a private night of fun together
  • Take a long country drive
  • Plan a day road trip to check out locations you have always wanted to see
  • Make pinecone bird feeders together
  • Rake up leaves and jump in them to feel like little kids again
  • Enter a Halloween costume event
  • Attend a local fair and ride some amusement park rides
  • Win a toy at a local fair to show your love
  • Tour a haunted house
  • Visit the local lake and just watch the wildlife

There are many fun Fall date night ideas, because this season really is a great time to get close and connect before the dreaded dark Winter season arrives. If you take time now to boost up your connection as a couple, then you are sure to survive the gloomier days of Winter together.

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