Ok, I know it’s early, but it’s something that should be talked about. Holiday gift shopping. This is a new year for me in many ways, and one way I really wanted to make another change would be to NOT shop for all of my gifts on Christmas Eve. That is silly and stressful, yet I seem to do it each and every year. As the kids get older, their wants and needs change. There are far fewer toys than in the past (except for little Caleb of course) and much more tech. From phones to video games to apps to headphones, they are all about technology these days. It seems that more and more kids today are all about tech…and that goes for Caleb, too.


Just like for adults, there’s so much out there for kids. It can make your head spin. I know a little bit about technology, but for many like my parents, it is a truly confusing and scary world. Time and time again, for me and my family, I have the best experiences and get the best deals at Best Buy. Period, end of sentence.


This year has been no different either. My gift was going to be a big one and it was going to be for the whole family, so I knew I had to make it count! I was going to pick up a new Apple iPad Pro for the whole family t take great pics and videos, to use for family time games, and to sit down and use Netflix and Amazon Videos for family movie and show nights!!! I knew what I had to do and where I had to go!

Best Buy makes holiday shopping effortless in so many ways.


First off, the blue shirts provide excellent advice and help you select the right product. Whether you have a pretty good idea or no idea at all, I’ve found these guys to be very helpful and knowledgable. They know their stuff. It’s a huge help when there are so many little differences in products that can really have a pretty large price tag. You need to know as much as you can before you buy to make the best decision. The blue shirts helped me make the decision between the 9.7 and the 12.9 inch version much easier. Awesome.


Second, the assortment is massive and the prices are great. You got into a Best Buy and you can’t help but be amazed. They have it all, right there, super organized and laid out really well. From massive TVs to computers to home theaters and appliances, I just can’t imagine you can’t find what you need there (or at least at

I stepped over to the attractive, dedicated Apple section to check out the iPad Pro 9.7 in action. Just like online, it was there in all it’s glory for a great price… $100 off regular price and a full $50 less than every other brick and mortar and online store out there! As easy as this it, I didn’t have to wait for my item or a salesperson (see more below)! This was all a home run and it was an easy decision. I didn’t even have to use their price match guarantee (which I have a used a couple of times in the past)!! Score.


Final awesomeness…Best Buy has in-store pick-up and Free Shipping on everything all season long! You simply can’t beat this. As I was researching online, I found what I wanted at At that point, the toughest decision I had was to go with the free 2-day shipping or the in-store pick-up. As tempted as I was to sit back and have it arrive at my door the day after tomorrow, I got antsy and decided to order online and just pick it up. I live less than 5 minutes away from Best Buy, so why not??? It was so easy, the whole process literally took me about 20 minutes in total and I had my killer present at the best price I could find.

I even had a dedicated parking spot when I pulled up to the store! Money.


Seriously, it could not have been easier shipping at Best Buy than it was. I am so ahead of the game when it comes to buying gifts for Christmas this year, it’s like a won a prize. I feel accomplished, man, and it was so easy. I will be a hero, I say a hero! I wish the rest of life was like this. Maybe one day…

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