Married life can become somewhat mundane, it’s just a part of life. Living together and having to do all the family/home/business/life hard work each and every day can take a toll on even the most romantic of souls. That’s ok. No more does the affection come on a regular basis, because life happens and we all get tied up in completing that next task. That’s not ok. It’s very important to keep the fire lit as long and as often as possible. It’s something I am lacking in and try to improve on each and every day. I have a lot more to go but here are some of my thoughts on how to ensure your marriage lasts a long time but being sure to make your wife feel beautiful.

Compliment hеr in рubliс

Be certain to drop some compliments about your wife in public, as well as brag a little bit about her on social media. This really solidifies the bond you both have because she will feel appreciated and in turn feel more beautiful about who she is. I think everyone likes to see their loved one “crushing on them” in public.

Tеll her ѕресifiс thingѕ уоu believe are lovely аbоut hеr

Be specific when giving compliments to your wife both to her alone and in public. It’s important that you are as specific as possible to ensure your wife truly understands you mean what you express. Take time to be detailed with your wording without going overboard. Tell her you love her laugh or smile. Say her hair looks great or her shoes look nice. It will mean a lot to her.

Plаn a dаtе night

One of the easiest ways to ensure that you make your wife feel beautiful is to ask her out on a date. A date night without kids is one of the best ways to reconnect as you did back in the honeymoon phase. Make this night all about the two of you, no discussing household stuff. This is a no-brainer and it goes a long way for both of you. It’s just nice to get back to being just the two of you. Bring along a friend once in a while, too. It’s always good to keep your friendships alive and kicking as well.

Surрriѕе hеr with kiѕѕеѕ and hugs

Sneak in a little kiss or a little brush of the arm every now and then throughout the day. When your wife is over doing the dishes or cleaning up the living room after a long day, head on over and just give her a little kiss on the cheek. Once in a while, grab her, give her a big hug, and lay a manly kiss on her. Do it movie hero stuff style. She won’t be disappointed.

Enсоurаgе her

This is probably the easiest way to make your wife feel beautiful. Be certain to encourage her talents and goals. If your wife has a dream she is living or trying to pursue, make it happen for her. Perhaps do some household chores as a means to pick up the slack so she can devote time to her goals.

Notice all thе gооd things

Positive praise goes a long way in a marriage. Take note of special things that your wife does for you, for the family and for others in the community. Be certain to thank you and uplift her with positive words to make her realize you acknowledge the good person she is.

This takes time and it takes work. Believe me. But put in the effort and you will be rewarded with a much happier and livelier marriage. You have to do what you have to do, but don’t let it completely get in the way of life as a married couple in love. You know, the thing you guys were pretty good at being before the house, kids, bills, etc. Good luck and let me know what works!

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