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I’m a big coffee lover. Big. I just love the taste and the ritual of it. Hot, iced, however, it’s all good to me. I also love the differences and variations in the flavors, based on country of origin, roast, and so many other factors. It’s like wine, beer, cheese, and pretty much anything else that’s so awesome in this world…where things come from and how they get to be is the key. This is why I’ve partnered with 7-Eleven for this post.

In most cases, we all know, the better something is the more it will cost, and sometimes it will cost a lot. Sometimes the cost is really prohibitive. If you are a lover of the finer things, especially coffee, I have some pretty sweet news for you. 7-Eleven has just introduced its first sustainable coffee, Nicaragua Matagalpa Single-Origin Coffee!


That’s right, you can enjoy a premium cup of coffee without the premium price with 7-Eleven’s full variety of coffee blends including their new Nicaragua Matagalpa Single-Origin coffee. I mean, this is awesome coffee…and it’s the same price as all of 7-Eleven’s coffees…not a dime more! That’s crazy.

This special blend, made exclusively from coffee beans harvested from Nicaragua’s famed Matagalpa region, is a full-bodied medium-dark roast with a delicious dark chocolate aroma and rich, sweet notes of cocoa. The beans are sourced from coffee-growers who are Rainforest Alliance Certified, which means that the coffee comes entirely from farms that meet strict standards designed to protect the environment.


Bottom line, it’s good coffee. I really enjoyed the taste. Great flavor, with some really fine tastes and flavor, but not overly roasted or powerful. I think most coffee lovers will really enjoy this. 7-Eleven’s Nicaragua Matagalpa Single-Origin coffee delivers a rich and robust flavor that’s always smooth and provides a full-bodied profile.

The best part…an XL cup only cost me $2.19 and it’s available right now!!! 7-Eleven hot coffee prices vary from $.99 to $1.89, depending on store location. What, what, what???


So, 7-Eleven is offering premium, single-origin, delicious coffee for a less than premium price. Awesome, but why? Well, 7-Eleven believes that when it tastes good, it should also feel good and they are committed to reducing their impact on the environment and sourcing coffee that is produced using strict, eco-friendly standards makes good sense. I think that’s pretty much something we can all get behind, right?


I think I’ve found my new morning coffee fix…and they even have a rewards program!

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of 7-Eleven.

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