I’ve been talking a lot recently about how close we are to the holidays and how fast it all seems to happen each year. Before you know it, summer is over, school is in full swing, Halloween blows by, and wizzow…we have the holiday season in full bloom. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s is such a wonderful time for me and my family, but it always seems to blow by so quickly.

I’ve been talking about decorating and prepping for big dinners, for gifts and for having time to enjoy your family. One thing I haven’t mentioned is travel. Millions and millions of people have to travel all over the country and maybe even the world. Did you know that more than half (54%) of millennials typically travel by car for vacations* and that more than two-thirds (68%) of millennials planning to travel via vehicle throughout the holidays plan to drive more than two hours*?? That’s a big number.

Traveling over the holidays can be notoriously busy, expensive and stressful. Whether you’re heading home for the holidays or escaping to a relaxing getaway, you can ease some of your travel headaches and get some peace of mind with a bit of foresight and some Thanksgiving travel planning. To help your holiday travel easier, I’d like to share my Top 5 Holiday Road Travel Tips with you.


Travel off-peak

  • Do not travel the day of or the day before the holiday, take you days off and extend the holiday
  • Travel early in the day and don’t complain – get up and out, preferably before most people are even awake – you can sleep later
  • Fill the car up with gas the night before

Bring entertainment and back-up entertainment 

  • Do not feel bad bringing the DVDs, iPads, and whatever else you need to get the job done
  • Make sure everything is charged the night before and you remember to pack power cords and back-up power sources.
  • Tell the kids to get any movies, apps, music, etc. uploaded onto their devices and physically loaded into the car the night before
  • Bring a non-electronic back-up like books, magazines, games, and drawing materials – encourage they use it even if they have electronics

 Stock up on food and snacks

  • Both you and the kids will get hungry and some point – there’s no doubt about it
  • Be ready with all the snacks you and the kids love to eat – it will make the journey much more tolerable and even enjoyable
  • Overpack the snacks, don’t be afraid
  • Hunger will always lead to tantrums, and that’s just from you and the spouse, so avoid it at all costs

Map out your route

  • Do your homework before you leave – have alternate routes if necessary
  • GPS and apps are awesome if you can swing it – always try for the better apps that include traffic information
  • Have a paper route planned out just in case – you never know
  • Plan to make stops along the way just to ease the stress of the trip and the pressure on you as the driver – it’s ok if it takes a bit more time as long as it’s a more pleasant experience for all
  • Give yourself more than enough time than you think you could possibly need – traffic, accidents, road work, weather, and who knows what else always seem to rear their ugly heads!!


Make sure your family is safe – and use Allstate’s Good Hands Rescue® service

  • Check and double check that any medicines are packed and readily available during the trip
  • Share your travel plans with someone else before you leave – just in case
  • Make sure the car is in good working order – make sure there are no warning lights, the oil is good, fluids are ample and they there are no warning lights on
  • Drive with peace of mind wherever you go knowing Allstate’s Good Hands Rescue® service has you covered!
    • The Goods Hands Rescue® service is an on-demand, pay-per-use roadside assistance service accessible both online and via the free mobile app.
    • From flat fixes to jump-starts, drivers can get immediate mobile access to convenient roadside services and pay for them only when you need them
    • No Membership Fees and No Policy Required: People can pay per use and the Good Hands Rescue® service can be used by anyone, not just Allstate customers
    • 24/7 Help: Roadside assistance is available around the clock with service providers accessible any day or time
    • Services include: Towing, Lockouts, Dead battery, Tire changes, and Jump-starts

Using the Good Hands Rescue® service takes away the guesswork of who to contact when faced with a roadside emergency, and gets help to stranded drivers quickly and easily. Allstate uses GPS technology to pinpoint your location and connect people in need with a dispatched service provider and take the hassle out of providing an exact location to an assistance representative. As soon as help is dispatched, motorists receive a service confirmation with the service provider’s estimated time of arrival and can use their smartphones to track the provider’s en route status.


Easy peasy, safe and sound. It’s a no-brainer, especially during this crazy time of year. If you’re not sold on this awesomeness just yet, on Wednesday, November 23 (and this day only), Allstate will be running a promotion where travelers can receive roadside rescues for $2 for the first 1,000 requests for standard vehicles*** (no RV’s, commercial trucks)!! That’s amazing. Travelers can use the mobile website or Good Hand Rescue® mobile app that day for the following***:

  • Towing (Normally $99; Tows covered for five miles. Additional miles billed at $4.25 per mile.)
  • Flat tires, jump-start, lockouts (Normally $69)
  • Fuel delivery (Does not include the cost of fuel for fuel delivery.)

I love this promotion, and I’m pretty sure you will, too. Give it a shot! Allstate’s Good Hands Rescue® service is available as an app for free (download from the App Store or Google Play Store) or at the mobile site


This post was written as part of the Allstate Influencer Program and sponsored by Allstate. All opinions are mine. As the nation’s largest publicly held personal lines insurer, Allstate is dedicated not only to protecting what matters most–but to guiding people to live the Good Life, every day.

* Allstate Survey of 612 people, September 2016.

** Allstate Survey of 320 millennials, May 2016.

*** Promotional pricing available only for first 1,000 requests on 11/23 from 12:00am to 11:59pm CT made from or the Good Hands Rescue app in the United States. Applies to standard vehicles only; no commercial, RV, extra weight. Towing limited to 5 miles; additional miles priced at $4.25/mile. Fuel costs extra. Must have valid credit card. Subject to terms, conditions, and availability.

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