As a blogger and small business owner, my internet connection is my best friend but as a parent, is can be a a place of horror and angst. No, really, it’s really difficult trying to balance their usage. They become like zombies and can, literally, sit there and drone on for hours at a time. It’s a real challenge because I really want to unplug from the internet and connect with them. They are only young once and I can hear the clock loudly ticking away with each passing day. If you share this same challenge, let me introduce you to the Starry Station.


This piece of equipment may very well change your life. It’s made a huge impact on ours, and here’s how. As the world’s first ambient touchscreen WiFi station, the Starry Station is great for parents, tech gurus and home decor enthusiasts alike. Unlike other routers that confuse you with blinking lights, the Station’s user-friendly touchscreen displays every connected device, surfaces connectivity problems, suggests solutions, and helps keep internet operating at peak performance.

It’s easy to set-up, too. No device-by-device setup. No extra hardware. No fuss.


So, it’s easy to use. But the real kicker for me are the awesome parental controls. The Station offers a variety of top-notch parental controls to help you manage your family and their online life. You can do it all!! You can directly restrict usage on children’s devices, so you can really sit down and have that important family time where eyes are focused on each other and not on that dopey screen! It will make everything easier, from talking about your day, to getting homework done, to just living life like normal people. Using the Station’s touch screen or smartphone app, I can easily monitor and manage my kids’ fixation with digital media and block out any “no-go” websites or apps. It’s such a massive help!


Check out this video to find out a little bit more about Starry Station:

Awesome stuff. Really. If that’s not enough, its award-winning design will make even the most style-conscious techies proud to display a Station front and center in their home. It looks sharp, believe me. It’s a conversation piece for sure! The retail price is $299.99, which is great for sure an amazing piece of tech designed to get your family life in order!

To find out more about Starry Station and getting your family life back, please check out:


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