It’s the holiday season and we are all knee-deep in presents!! The lists are written, the anticipation is building, the drama is palpable! From toy cars to video games to talking dolls, the toys seems to get more and more hi-tech with each passing year. Along with all of those awesome toys that do more and more cool things have to get the juice from somewhere, right? The quiet little “secret” that’s always working so hard in the background but maybe never gets the full credit it deserves has to be the batteries!!

Having an ample stash of powerful batteries is more important than ever before!! Time and time again, the phrase “batteries not included” has crushed holiday cheer. I’ve tried so many batteries over the years, it’s almost crazy. However, I know how to prepare. I don’t want to have any post-unwrapping trips to the store! I want the kids to enjoy their toys right away! That’s what it’s all about. To do this, I choose Energizer® batteries for all of the gadgets on my family’s, as well as my friends’ wish lists. Seriously, hear me out!! It’s not just me. In fact, according to a survey conducted by Energizer® in 2016 with more than 1,000 respondents, 90 percent of Americans have forgotten batteries for a holiday gift in the past. Forgetting to buy batteries has historically been the most common holiday mishap among parents.

Energizer MAX® is the perfect battery to tie together any holiday gift list providing high-tech toys and gadgets with long-lasting power and leak protection. When you’re purchasing holiday gifts for kids and tech lovers, make sure you preserve those special holiday moments and buy the right batteries needed to power those gifts. With Energizer’s latest improvements, Energizer MAX AA batteries now last up to 30 percent longer than previous Energizer MAX AA batteries in digital cameras. Energizer MAX AA and AAA batteries are also designed to protect devices and toys from damaging leaks for up to two years after the battery is fully used. And Energizer MAX AA and AAA batteries hold power for up to 10 years while in storage, so you can power up your gifts or whenever you need power most. Make sure your Christmas is an all-out fun fest!! This year – don’t forget the batteries!

So you are onboard with what I’m saying, I can feel it. But, I’m sure you’re thinking, man, I need to get a TON of Energizer Max batteries. After you get that toy bill, that could be a pain. Well, if you’re looking for a great deal to stock up on batteries for the holidays, participate in any of Energizer’s holiday promotions depending on where you like to shop and what types of batteries you need to purchase for everyone on your shopping list! To find out more, visit and check out:

This is a sponsored post in partnership with Energizer Batteries. All opinions are my own.

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