I’m a big believer in giving people greeting cards. My parents always gave them and still do, even if only to stuff a check in there for the kids and say “Love Grandma and Grandpa.” The kids love the pictures, the words, the games. Adults love it, too. They say the things we mean to say and maybe can’t come up with. They show the people we like and the people we love just that. It’s a sharing of our feelings and our hearts, to make people know they are special. It’s something that can’t be copied in a text message or an email, an eCard or an emoji. The look, the feel, the touch of the card is what makes it all come together and what makes people display them over their mantle, dresser, or desk. When is comes to cards, I think we all know who the best of all is…Hallmark.


While all of the Hallmark cards are great, I have a soft spot for the Hallmark Signature card line. These are just top notch through and through. They have the look and feel of personally crafted, handmade cards. You know why, because they pretty much are. These distinctive products feature unique processes, craftsmanship and attention-grabbing dimension. These are No Ordinary Cards, especially during the Christmas season, because there are no ordinary people, Hallmark Signature offers no ordinary cards. 

I mean, these cards are awesome, they are like works of art! They can even be used as decorations a lot the time. That’s why I picked this one up for Vera. She’s already putting it up all around the house!

If my words don’t make you want to run out and pick up some Hallmark Signature cards, then just take a look at this commercial. If this doesn’t show you the value of family, friends, family time and the Christmas season is all about, I don’t know what else to say.

Check it out at hallmark.com/happyholidaysclick here or view it below:

Do you need a minute? A tissue perhaps? It’s a great ad, but it really shows what Hallmark is all about. It’s what I’m saying, man, show the love to those you care about. It makes a difference. Getting them Hallmark Signature makes even more of a difference for me, it’s my go-to for Christmas and for any other occasion. Or…just because. Be sure to check out Signature cards in the aisles where Hallmark cards are sold this holiday season!!

To find out more about Hallmark Signature, please check out:

This is a sponsored post and review in partnership with Hallmark. All opinions expressed and love shared is my own.

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