Yes, it’s finally spring, even though it doesn’t seem like it on Long Island just yet. While we are still getting rid of that last bit of snow and hoping for some April showers and May flowers, there’s some planning to be done. You want your air conditioner to keep you cool all summer long, but few things are worse than flipping the thermostat to “Cool,” lowering the temperature setting, hearing the unit click on, and then experiencing your annual coughing and sneezing fit. Don’t mess around. Make sure that your AC unit is cleaned, maintained, and ready to rock when it’s called upon to perform and save the day!!! You’re already doing your spring cleaning, so just make sure you’re cleaning EVERYTHING this spring.


Throughout the winter months, dust accumulates in your air conditioning unit, literally, inside the unit. Even if your air conditioner is indoors, dust can find its way into the blower and other internal parts. Dust also makes it a home into your ventilation system, even though you’re running your heater during the colder months. In order to avoid a normal allergic reaction to the dust, your ventilation system should be cleaned out each spring, and sometimes it’s best to let a professional do that. Dust can really be a killer, even though most people don’t really think so.


Another concern is mold. If you live in a humid climate, you are susceptible to mold growth inside your home, including in your ventilation system. In fact, the CDC reports that is one way this dangerous growth makes its way into your indoor environment, where it then turns your house into a Petri dish. Did you know that mold could be deadly? For those with compromised respiratory systems, such as asthma and COPD sufferers, mold can make them seriously ill. It also irritates people with healthy lungs. This is a really important one.

Pet Dander

A dog is man’s best friend, and you and your dog do everything together. You love it; nobody questions that, but its dander could also be causing your air conditioning allergy. Pet danger is an irritant to many, even if they aren’t allergic to their pets. When it is coupled with the dust and mold in your ventilation system, you’ve just added one more thing to stuff you up and make you sneeze. Even if you help your significant other keep the house spotless, Fido is shedding pet dander along with his fur. Jack sheds like a mad, um, dog. His white fur gets everywhere!


According to the EPA, pollen affects your indoor air, which makes sense. Once you’re in the dead of winter, you cannot wait for spring to come. The sun shines and you can open your door and windows and let all that fresh air inside to get rid of the winter stink. The problem is that air isn’t fresh; it’s full of pollens that trigger hay fever for millions each spring. You spring clean your home; hire a professional to spring clean your ventilation system as well. This ensures indoor pollen is kept at a minimum.

You know that when the mercury rises the first thing you are going to do is turn on your AC. Avoid the coughs, sneezes, sniffles, and headaches by making certain your entire ventilation system is ready for its summer job. Have your air conditioning unit and the rest of ventilation system cleaned and overhauled prior to the hot summer months. This ensures your entire system operates efficiently and circulates clean air. You and your family will breathe sighs of cool relief when you escape from the outdoor heat. Do yourself a favor and make this an annual tradition in your home. Right after you dust off that hammock and clean out those closets.

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