Are you looking for a wonderful show to sit down and enjoy with your little ones? How about a show with some cute puppets, awesome people, and a timeless performer that just seems to get better and better? Sounds pretty good, right? Well, as usual, Netflix Kids has you covered!

The marvelous Julie Andrews is creating more on-screen magic with her new Netflix original Julie’s Greenroom! This fantastic show is sure to get kids and families singing, acting, designing costumes and much more. While being fun and engaging, the show also shows kids how the performing arts are not only fun, but great for building character. Julie’s Greenroom unlocks hidden passions through all aspects of the arts and gives kids a chance to express themselves.

Julie’s Greenroom is just the beginning of Netflix titles that help children grow and learn in different ways. The list of awesome keeps growing and growing, with my kids just loving and loving it more and more. They love Netflix almost as much as Vera and I do!!! Netflix’s ever-growing selection of children’s titles celebrates creativity through shows like Ask The Storybots, Beat Bugs and much more!! As always (don’t we love it), you can watch a ton of episodes and have a Julie-a-thon! Now that can’t be too bad.

Binge, baby, binge! You and your family are going to love it. Good family fun.

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