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Gasp! Everyone run and hide! It’s the laundry apocalypse! Oh the horror, the humanity! You know exactly what I’m talking about. It’s those terrible, terrible times when the amount of laundry that you need to do can look and feel so overwhelming you don’t even want to think about it let alone tackle it. The worst times for us is the aftermath of a vacation. Five people, including a wife that plans for everything and three kids equals bags and bags full of laundry. And we go away a fair amount, so this isn’t a once a year event either! It’s just part of the deal. There’s the joy of the trip and the pain of the laundry apocalypse.

I’ve been thinking about just this phenomena, as we just got back and out from under the laundry from a few day trip to Washington D.C. Here are some of the ways I see as best when dealing with mountains of laundry:

  1. Burn all of your clothes in a fit of rage and effigy
  2. Give all your clothes away to a charity
  3. Cut up the clothes into tiny strips and insulate your house with it
  4. Bag them up, throw them in a corner, sing la la la, pretend they aren’t really there
  5. Suck it up and do the laundry using the same old same old detergents
  6. Be smart and use 2x the Tide PODS® Plus Downy® for those overwhelming loads

Tide PODS Plus Downy make the laundry apocalypse look like a walk in the park with that beloved 4-in-1 technology – detergent, stain remover, brightener, Downy Fabric Protect. Pop them in your washing machine every time you do your laundry at any temperature and your clothes come out clean, fresh, and smelling great, all while protecting them with Downy. Pop in 2x the amount of PODS® to destroy those massive loads. Even better, the rocking HE Turbo technology provides 6x the cleaning power in half the time*. Cut through that grime in half the time…can you beat that?

NOTE: Do not leave Tide PODS out of it’s container. This is for illustrative purposes only!

If you didn’t know about the awesome of Tide PODS® Plus Downy®, let me give you a quick rundown. These babies are apocalypse certified as the first detergent pac that helps transform the washing machine into a safe place that cleans, conditions, protects the clothing you love, all in one super easy step while working with both high efficiency and standard washers.

When do you feel like you have the most laundry? After a vacation? When the kids come back from soccer practice? Tell me your horror story.

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REMEMBER… Like all household products, please keep out of reach of children and pets. Do not put in mouth or ingest. Do not get in eyes, it may irritate them.  Always close container after use.  Never handle pac with wet hands.  Store in a cool, dry place. *stain removal of 1 Tide PODS® pac vs. 6 doses of leading bargain brand liquid detergent, base variant

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